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The Children’s Rights Unit are pleased to welcome our new trustee Sophie Millar who has recently joined our Board of Trustees.

Sophie has volunteered in her local community since the age of 14, working with children and young people to understand and promote their rights and reduce inequalities. This included working with Communities First teams, teaching a music ensemble and volunteering on an open access Play Bus providing a safe and creative space for children to learn and play. She is especially passionate about Children’s Rights and the inequalities that exist in health and education.

Sophie is currently taking a gap year before her final year of studies at Cardiff Medical School. She is making the most of this time by developing her experience and understanding of the opportunities and challenges experienced by children and young people. To align her interests with her studies Sophie is also a member of the newly established ABMU health board’s Youth Advisory Panel.

We are very much looking forward to having her on board!

4 May 2017