Neath Port Talbot Children's Rights Unit

Posted on 27 May, 2021 09:34

Proud to Volunteer for BAYouth

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m the Vice Chair of BAYouth, the youth advisory panel for Swansea Bay University Health Board. As it’s volunteer’s week, it’s a great time to celebrate the volunteer work of our amazing youth board, that I am so proud to be a part of.

I joined BAYouth around 4 years ago as I loved the idea that I would be able to be a voice for children and young people in health, working with health care professionals and change makers to ensure that children’s rights are at the forefront of health care. Being able to give feedback, make changes and get involved in initiatives that implement children’s rights in health fills me with such a great sense of pride and purpose. I have had my own personal experience of receiving health care in the Swansea Bay Area, after being diagnosed with T1D at the age of 12, and have made it my mission to encourage young people like me to know that their voices can be heard and that health services must work for us.

Over the years, volunteering with BAYouth has given me so many opportunities such as the ability to carry out quality audits of wards, receive training and create child and young person friendly information that are used within the health board and nationally across the whole of Wales. I love seeing our logo around the health board and on different things we have had input in, it shows that we are acknowledged for the work we do and that it is making a difference.

Being a member of BAYouth this year has been so rewarding. The challenges of COVID-19 have been hard for us as a board, we have not been able to meet face to face, which we love to do as we bounce ideas off each other and complete a lot of hands on work. However, virtual meetings have been great due to the dedication of our team and the incredible support of the Children’s Rights Unit, who have played a crucial role in allowing BAYouth to continue to promote children’s rights in health through the pandemic. Meetings have been so much fun too, we have done scavenger hunts and quizzes, these have been a much needed social time for us. This year has shown us that even though we may not be meeting face to face, BAYouth is still committed to our priorities. Being a part of BAYouth is so enjoyable and we hope to continue to make a difference.

I love being Vice Chair of BAYouth, working with other young people towards a shared goal is inspiring, but we couldn’t do it without our extraordinary chair, Catrin. I am excited for the future of BAYouth as we have many passionate young people who are eager to ensure children’s rights are protected and represented in health.